Dharan Bath Fittings

Dharan Bath Fittings is the Retail Showroom Unit of Dharan Group, dealing with industry’s leading National and International brands of bath fittings and sanitary wares. Every associated brand of Dharan Bath Fittings, has unique features and benefits of its own kind, which Dharan Bath Fittings do explicit to end users through its wide spread 40,000 sq.ft showroom.

Dharan Bath Fittings exclusive gallery for each brand is the evidence for visual and psychological understanding of end users, about all products of each brand in its allotted gallery. Unique Selling Point and its related key features and benefits are explained to end users by Dhahran’s quality manpower with pleasant hospitality.


Live ‘Water Pool’ and ‘Shower’ models give instant experience to showroom walk in, is the unique feature of our showroom, which normally exist in the think population metros.

Come, Experience our array of Bath Fittings, before finalizing.