Dharan Universal Stones

Dharan Universal Stones is a Granite Retail Division of Dharan Group, which is incorporated in 2010, exclusively focuses on Granite Slab and Customized Granite products for residential and commercial requirements spread around 15,000 Sq.ft in the Salem Highways.

Dharan Universal Stones has helping hand with our 100% Export Oriented Unit “Dharan Rock” to complement customize orders. So, end users do get extra fine, blaze finish, Granite products as per western standards.

Dharan Universal Stones do deal with Granite Slabs, Kitchen Slabs, Residential & Commercial House Granites covering Sculptures & Monuments on specific orders, etc.

Dharan universal stones

Dharan Universal Stones is credited and complemented by knowledgeable quality raw resource sourcing supported by extra fine economic engraving (manpower) talents and (machinery) techniques, ensures competent operational practices and reasonable customer prices compared to major metros across India.

So, Bring home the everlasting Granites as per your demands and dreams come true.